Whirling disease has been discovered in North Carolina in both the Wautauga River near Foscoe and the Elk River near Blowing Rock. (Note this is not Elk Creek NE of Lenoir that many of us fish.)  Whirling disease can be devastating to the trout and with it this nearby, we need to do all we can to keep it from spreading.  The following guidelines for fishermen have been issued by the NCWRC:


CLEAN equipment of all aquatic plants, animals, and mud


      DRAIN water from boats, live wells, and equipment


      DRY equipment thoroughly


      NEVER MOVE fish, plants, or other organisms from one body of water to another

Knotweed Control

Knotweed was becoming a serious problem at the Wilson Creek Visitor Center.  It was becoming so thick along the bank that visitors could not get to the river.  The Chapter sent help to spray the knotweed with a special weed killer that had been provided by the US Forest Service.

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