The program will begin at 5:30 PM with hors d'oeuvres and drinks.  Take your time to stroll the gallery, chat with fellow fly fishermen, and view not only the permanent exhibits, but a special exhibit by Joel Sartore.  "Through his images of the Earth’s creatures, Sartore’s artwork illustrates both the beauty and the tragedy of animal species threatened by extinction, demonstrating that photography matters.  In the finest documentary tradition, Sartore passionately captures striking artworks to help viewers understand the importance of saving these unique animals, while also ultimately saving ourselves.  Sartore writes, “…every species is a work of art, created over thousands or even millions of years and each is worth saving simply because it is so unique and priceless.”   During this time you will be able to plan your strategy and make your bid for numerous fly fishing gear, art, guided trips, etc. that are part of our silent auction.


All bids must be entered by 7:00 PM when we move to the Drendel Auditorium for the movie.  The movie this year is the 11th annual 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour. (F3T).  The F3T is a series of eight short films of fly fishing adventures around the world from salmon in Kamchatka, to trout in Montana, to striped bass along the US east coast.  There will be an intermission half way through the movie when the silent auction winners will be announced and door prizes will be awarded.


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